If you are a first time buyer or someone looking to buy a new house it’s important to make and educated decision. You might have considered such things as location and value; you might have even had a surveyor out to examine the property.  If you’ve just brought your house or are about to there might be one more thing you want to consider!

roofers SheffieldOur roofers Sheffield experts would always advise that you get your roof checked! The previous owner might not have looked after their roof correctly or undertaken the correct steps to service their roof correctly. Minor problems can become major ones if not address immediately and our roofers can stop major issues getting out of hand. Your roof is your properties first line of defense and taking care of it should be taken seriously.

The first thing our roofers Sheffield team of engineers would always recommend checking the condition of the roofing material on your roof. Roofs are made from a wide range of materials slate, tile, metal or fiberglass and each with their own lifespans and potential areas for concern. Punctures, slate slippage and a general wear and tear can compromise the integrity of your roof. Our roof surveys will be able to identify any areas of concern and prevent potentially more serious damage being incurred to your property.

With such a huge investment buying home must be taken seriously, to make sure later maintenance costs do not spiral out of control our roofers Sheffield inspection experts will advise on the best course of action in securing your roof! Scheduling regular maintenance inspections of your roof will prevent damages getting out of hand.

The last thing our roofers will check is the quality of the roof space underneath your roof, especially the ventilation to the roofing cavity. Poor ventilation will allow condensation to build up and water droplets to form on smooth surfaces. Wooden supports can become damp and lose structural integrity, which can seriously undermine the life of your roof.

Our roofers Sheffield can make sure your home stays protected from the elements throughout the year and without the fear of leaks you will be able to enjoy your home in peace and quiet. If you want a local roofing contractor to conduct a survey or any repairs 1st Active Roofers Sheffield can provide you with a comprehensive roofing service on projects big and small. With over 30 years in the roofing trade we have a wealth of experience in tackling all the major roofing issues you may experience.

We provide all roofing services from flat roofing, traditional flat roofing and repairs of guttering and fascia’s. If you need roofers Sheffield then 1st Active Roofers are the South Yorkshire roofing contractor for you, our expert roofers are here to support you every step of the way from the initial consultation through to the laying of the final roof tile. Pick up the phone and call us today for a free no obligation quote.