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Active Roofers Sheffield are the region’s leading supplier of flat roofing services and provide flat roofing in wide range of material and styles. Kirk and his team of roofing experts provide both modern and traditional roofing services and can provide home owners and businesses across Sheffield with a free no obligation flat roofing estimate on any project.

If you are looking for flat roofing Sheffield, then Active Roofers can provide you with all the information and advise you will need in order to choose the best roofing system for you flat roof. When it comes to some of the more traditional roofing we can provide both felt and Asphalt roofing materials and these can provide a really cost effective roofing solution. These materials will work well within their lifespan but all home owners are advised that they can degrade quicker than some types of flat roofing materials and are not always the best looking materials as they age. Exposed to sunlight can decreases’ the lifespan of your flat roof and you may need to call our roof repairs Sheffield team as the roof ages naturally. Mastic Asphalt was one of the earliest types of this roofing system and although most people will know it as being laid on the roads it is also a really useful roofing material. Mastic is not a very flexible flat roofing materials and in very cold weather it can crack as it becomes brittle.

Our flat roofing Sheffield roofers work with Mineral Felt as well as a roofing material. It is inexpensive and is quicker to lay compared to the older Mastic Asphalt. It is laid by pouring and rolling hot bitumen over the flat roof material and is then sealed along the edge and joints. This roof material has a lifespan of around 10 years and unfortunately has a bad reputation as it often laid by poorly trained roofers.

A far more modern solution for your new flat roof is GRP roofing which is a fancy name for fibreglass roofing. If you need flat roofing Sheffield this is going to be your best option in the long run as it highly durable, light weight and cost effective. This type of roofing material is really popular and is far more common now across Sheffield. We can install a GRP roof in no time at all and at a very competitive price. It comes with a long warranty often around 20 years but our flat roofing specialists estimate the life span of this roofing material could be at least 40 years! This is due to the very low risk of water damage due to the fibreglass roof materials natural water resistance.

So what is the best roofing material for flat roofing Sheffield

flat roofing graphEPDM is another type of roofing that our flat roofing Sheffield roofers can fit to your flat roof. Although cheap and weatherproof EDPM is easily damaged and there is some risk that joint glue can contaminate the surrounding roof and property. It’s also relatively expensive in comparison to GRP roofing but still it makes a fantastic alternative to some of the more traditional roofing materials we have looked at. To help make your decision as to which flat roof system is best for you our flat roofing Sheffield experts have found this infographic which can highlight the advantages of each roof material.

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